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Winter Wishes & New Year’s News

Written by: Elena Grant & Bella Marden (9th Grade)

We turned the corner into December with the wonderful 40th Annual Holiday Parade held by the SLO Downtown Association. On December 2nd, the San Luis Obispo FFA Chapter created and decorated the SLO FFA float with numerous Chapter members and officers aboard. Within a few days of preparation, we all came together singing and dancing our way through the streets. With the help from the members, we not only produced an amazing holiday float but spread awareness about FFA and gave a little joy this 2016 holiday season.


Members of the Chapter Officer Team

    With the careful planning from the 2016 Holiday Parade float committee chairs, Taylor N. Young and Hayden Shannon, we all rocked out to wonderful music including Mariah Carey and the famous Cupid Shuffle. We would like to give a huge thank you to Mike Cole Farms Trucking and Callaway Farms for being amazing donors, not only this year but also for previous downtown parades. Decked out in holiday accessories, the FFA members illuminated downtown SLO. With bright lights and a tall tree the FFA float was hard to miss. Thank you to our Fall student teacher, Brady Cerda, for taking the lead on this event. There are great things to be expected for next year’s holiday parade.


SLO FFA Members Dance the Night away during the 2016 Holiday Parade

Fast forward to Tuesday, December 13th, the San Luis Obispo FFA Chapter held our holiday chapter meeting. As the fifty five members entered Mrs. Bates’s room, they knew they were in for a sweet evening. Our officers led the members through a festive scavenger hunt where they found items for the Christmas cookie decorating contest and stationary to write letters to soldiers abroad. The cookie decorating contest had three categories to be placed: they are as follows- most festive, most related to agriculture and the prettiest cookie.


FFA Members decorated cookies for a contest, wrote letters to soliders, and enjoyed Holiday music!


            A FULL classroom is a Happy Classroom.

At this meeting our chapter brought back the SLO FFA Golden Whisk Holiday Bake-off. The contest was started in 1999 and had be done each year until 2014. This year was very successful and competitive as everyone was hoping for a spot on the official plaque hanging in Bates’ room. Cal Poly students came in and judged the contest for us. Our overall winner was Sophomore Maddie Fletcher. Happy holidays and Best Wishes to a Happy New Year to all of our members, families and faculty!

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