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Is FFA only for students who show livestock? No! Showing livestock is not a requirement of being an FFA member, and many of our students do not show livestock. Students who do not want to show livestock can find their passion in other areas of FFA, including veterinary science and public speaking.

How are ag science classes different than regular science classes? Our ag classes both fulfill science credit requirements and teach our students about the application of biology, chemistry, and other sciences  to agriculture.  If you take an ag class, you are automatically a member of FFA, regardless of whether you choose to compete in FFA competitions or show livestock.

Is it true that ag classes are more work than normal classes? Not necessarily. Although students in ag classes are required to earn four FFA credits (earned by participating in FFA events) each trimester and complete an SAE project, the classes are not any harder and the workload is not any different. If you are worried about FFA credits or SAE projects, please see our tabs on those topics for more information about how they work and how our students complete those requirements. 

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