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“When you Get the Job…” – Sectional Skills and Speaking Success

Written by Seniors Lauren Erickson and Elisa Garnsey

A huge congratulations to everybody in our chapter who competed at the sectional speaking competition on Wednesday February 6, 2019. We had over 20 students compete and walked away with many successes. We would like to thank Templeton High School for hosting all of us last night and for making this competition possible. Our students have been working hard for many months and we are very excited with all of the success that came out of last night. We had eight students compete in the impromptu public speaking competition. They were to pull three topics at random and among those topics pick one to talk about for 30 seconds to two minutes. We would like to congratulate all of the students from our chapter who competed in this contest  and give a shout out to those who are moving onto the regional competition. In the impromptu contest Amanda Ardantz took first and Andrew Prater was fourth. We also would like to congratulate Camille Rowlands-Reese for placing fifth in this contest.


We also had five students compete in the job interview contest! They had to put together a cover letter and resume, fill out a job application, and go through a formal job interview. These students all did amazing! In this competition the four people moving onto the regional competition all came from our school! Megan Fragasso was the first place winner, Bella Marden took second, Lauren Erickson was third, and Elisa Garnsey was fourth! All of these students got the job last night and are looking forward to continuing on in this contest. In the Extemporaneous Speaking contest we had Brooke Jacobs take first place. She had thirty minutes to write a four to six minutes speech on a topic that she pulled at random.  We are really proud of her for representing our school and moving onto regionals.


Prepared Public Speaking is a competition where the students select an agricultural issue, they write and memorize a six to eight minute speech. We had seven students compete in this competition last night and they all did amazing. We want to give a huge congratulations to Lili Steel for taking first place and Riley O’Connor for receiving fourth place. We would also like to recognize our other outstanding students who competed as well, Sara Mcdonald, Avery Noblitt, Isabella Osgood, Kayla Alltucker and Alexandra Prodonav. We are so proud of all of the students who competed last night and for all of the success that our chapter brought home.

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