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South Coast Regional Leaders “Anchored” to Service at Regional Officer Leadership Conference

Written by: J’aime Radding

This past week in Tomales Bay, California, the newly elected leaders of the South Coast Region (SCR) attended Regional Officer Leadership Conference to prepare for their year of service. This year two of our own San Luis Obispo students were elected to serve on the team: J’aime Radding (Reporter) and Lili Steel (SLO Section Vice President). Both were thrilled and enlightened by the experience. The conference is put on by the State Officers for all six Regional teams to attend. Its purpose is to allow the teams to engage in workshops, team building activities, bond with other members from across the state and learn how to embody this year’s State theme, “Anchored: in Service, Values, and Agriculture,” throughout their year as regional leaders.


Throughout their four days, the SCR leaders worked diligently to understand and practice the qualities of effective leadership. The members were able to analyze the characteristics of past world leaders from Mother Theresa to American presidents and create workshops for upcoming events such as Chapter Officer Leadership Conference in which they both practiced such qualities and taught others. The members were fortunate enough to work hard in lessons under the tutelage of the State Officers (including 2017-2018 State FFA President and 2016 SLOHS Alumni: Luke O’leary,) professors from colleges such as Chico State and  California FFA advisors.

One of the main goals of the conference was to guide students to rediscover their connection to agriculture and the personal values and commitment to service which the industry embodies. As part of this theme and the theme of CA State FFA, the SCR regional leaders created a short video in which members were asked to identify their “Blue jacket Story,” their connection to agriculture and the service they have subsequently applied. In a quickly developing world, this workshop allowed the members to learn how to use this development to remind others and themselves to stay “anchored” in the fundamental purpose of the agriculture industry and the value of the service dedicated to others. Watch the video here:

While only lasting a short four days the leaders became extremely prepared for the year ahead. The workshops, team building, and member bonding allowed the team to accomplish a great deal and they could not be more excited to lead the region in the upcoming year!

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