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Roll’n Retreat: So Much to Do with such a Large Crew

Written by: Brooke Jacobs, Chapter Reporter

This year a record number [24] of incredible candidates applied for chapter office for the 2018-2019 team. This prompted us to restructure our leadership committees and place a greater emphasis on a large Ag Leadership Team, not just an officer team. We have so many amazing leaders in our chapter and we wanted to make sure that this year, they all work together whether they’re a committee chair or an officer. Our leadership committees are the backbone to our FFA chapter and are vital to the success of our student involvement.


On Thursday June 14th, our new Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs united for our agriculture leadership planning retreat. They met in our Agriculture Department to plan the events their committees would host and identify the purposes of their individual committees. We have over 10 Committees ranging from FFA week to Community Service. This year, our chapter is excited to implement many different committees including Hospitality, 4h Connection and PALS (Partners in Active Learning Support.) Since these are brand new to our chapter, we thought it was important to discuss their purpose so the committee chairs would be confident with their tasks.


Following the meeting, the officers and committee chairs rode down the Bob Jones Trail on bikes, scooters and rollerblades, ending at Avila Beach. This gave the committee chairs and officers time to bond and make memories before their year of service begins. When they arrived at the beach they played mixers on the sand and had bonding time. They also discussed and decided on this year’s chapter theme as one large leadership group. The theme will be revealed later this summer! We’re so excited to see what our Committee Chairs and Officers accomplish this year!

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