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Leaders Travel on a Pathway to a World of Opportunity through Sectional Leadership Conferences and C

Written by: J’amie Radding and Carolyn Adams

Over the weekend of September 10th through the 11th, the six San Luis Obispo FFA Sectional Leaders, (four of whom are also San Luis Obispo Chapter Officers), attended Sectional Officer Leadership Conference. The team members include President: J’aime Radding, Vice President: Hannah Ryan, Secretary: Sophie Maino, Treasurer: Haley Hurdle, Reporter: Lili Steel and Sentinel: Jacob Madden. The event, organized by the Regional Officers, taught members how to create the most meaningful experience during their year of service and how to embark on a “Pathway to a World of Opportunity.” Our Sectional leaders were able to lead a session, present leadership tips, practice the art of public speaking and presentation and taught the importance of teamwork and communication.


There was a “Senior Citizen” themed dance

Sectional leader, Hannah Ryan stated that the conference was a favorite of hers because “it was so personal.”

The San Luis Obispo High School Sectional Leaders were able to engage in workshops and listen to inspirational speeches presented by the 2016-2017 California State FFA Officers who encouraged them to make the most of their time serving their section, making an impact throughout their year and using it to its full advantage.

The five SLOHS FFA Members pictured in front of the “What Will You Do With Your Time?” State Officer activity asking members to find meaningful ways to make an impact and enjoy their year of service. (Left to Right) Sectional President J’aime Radding, Sectional Reporter Lili Steel, Regional President Kalena Cirone, Sectional Vice President Hannah Ryan and Sectional Secretary Sophie Maino.All members in attendance learned the importance of leading through attributes such as drive, accommodation, innovation, consistency, and being outspoken.Thank you to the 2016-2017 FFA State and Regional Leaders for an exceptional, informative and inspirational conference.

Chapter Begins to “Redefine Leadership” at their first Chapter Meeting

On Wednesday, September 14th our chapter held the first meeting of the school year. We had over 80 eager members ready to take on each activity and challenge. With the help of our team leaders and BBQ committee keeping, us energized with delicious tacos, each group competed at each of the six stations. 1- Donut eating challenge. 2-Astronaut team building. 3-Oreo challenge. 4- Pantyhose challenge (yes, you read that right). 5- Acid Lake. 6- Tarp team building. For the final activity two people from each team competed in Kajabe Can-Can where Jacob Grant won points for his team as well as a heaping bag of candy. Stay connected to see an exciting recap video coming soon! We are so proud of our members participation and enthusiasm showcased at this meeting and we can’t wait to see that continue throughout the year as they Redefine Leadership.


Members compete in a game of Kajabi at the end of the evening!

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