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Hello to Student Teacher Ms. Henry

Written by Siena Boscaro, Chapter Reporter 22-23

On behalf of the entire San Luis Obispo FFA Chapter, we couldn’t be happier introducing our new student teacher, Ms. Paige Henry! Ms. Henry grew up in Galt, California, just 25 miles south of Sacramento. She attended Galt High School, where she was an active member of their softball team, cheerleading team, and FFA chapter! After she graduated in 2018, she received her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly where she majored in agriculture sciences. Ms. Henry is working on her master's degree at Cal Poly so that she can be an agriculture educator!

While Ms. Henry was attending Galt High School, she was involved in various activities all around campus. She was a part of her school's cheerleading squad and softball team, as well as part of her school's FFA chapter. In her AG department, she raised pigs all four years and dairy her senior year. She earned proficiency awards at the state level for two years in swine entrepreneurship and her breeding project. She served on many different competitive teams while in FFA, including floral design, poultry judging, and parliamentary procedure. While she didn’t serve as an officer, she was an integral part of her chapter's success and even received her American Degree, which is the highest level of degree an FFA member can attain! While she wasn’t busy working hard in school, Ms. Henry could be found participating in the California Pork Board, and she even had the honor of serving as a California Junior Pork Board Director!

Once Ms. Henry graduated from Galt in 2018, she moved to San Luis Obispo to attend California Polytechnic University. She graduated in 2022 with a degree in agriculture science with an emphasis in animal science and a minor in dairy science! During her time at Cal Poly, she was involved in many different aspects of college life. She was a member of the Sigma Alpha sorority, which is specifically for women in agriculture, and served on the swine committee for Western Bonanza! Ms. Henry was a live-in employee at the Cal Poly poultry unit and the dairy as a milker and part of the calving enterprise. Ms. Henry is currently getting her master’s degree at Cal Poly!

Ms. Henry originally wanted to be some sort of veterinarian after she graduated, but she quickly learned how rewarding it is to help others better their skills and find their passions. From that point forward, she knew she wanted to teach! During her time in FFA, she loved being a part of an organization that felt like family to her and hopes to be able to create an environment just like that for students to flourish in! Besides spending her time in agriculture, Ms. Henry can be found going on hikes or even paddleboarding with her dog, Zinfandel! She also loves to spend time with her friends whenever she can!

Ms. Henry is going to be a perfect addition to our chapter, and we’re so excited to have her with us for the rest of the year! She’s very excited for the chance to do what she’s passionate about, and she hopes to inspire students with that passion! She knows that school can seem boring and repetitive, but her goal is to help create a fun and interesting learning environment. All of Ms. Henry’s life, she has been in love with animals, and so she is beyond thrilled to get to specialize in animal science during her time at SLOHS. Her kind spirit and great ideas are just some of our favorite things about Ms. Henry, and just some of the reasons she will make an important difference in our chapter! If you haven’t met Ms. Henry already, make sure to introduce yourself and welcome her to our program!

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