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Greenhands “Dive” Into FFA

Written By: Lauren LaFaille and Brooke Jacobs

Greenhand Leadership Conference is the perfect place to introduce freshmen to FFA and how to get involved. On Friday, October 14th, 40 freshman from San Luis Obispo High participated in GLC. At Greenhand Leadership Conference freshman learn more about agricultural education and how to grow to become a better leader. This conference was located in Paso Robles at the Mid State Fair grounds. In this conference, it is fully run by college students continuing their agricultural careers and helping freshmen students to be introduced to FFA. Some of the activities that better helped the understanding of FFA and agricultural education are discovering the six benefits found in the organization. Groups of greenhands cycled through hands-on stations based on Learning, Experience, Leadership, Competition, Travel and Personal Growth. These challenges helped students discover the power of teamwork and leadership, which helped them better understand what FFA has to offer.

Greenhand Leadership Conference is a great opportunity for freshman to explore the benefits and opportunities of FFA. GLC also showed the freshman that there are more opportunities for leadership conferences in later years, such as: GLC, MFE, ALA, SLE, and WLC. After being introduced to the many things FFA has to offer, freshmen are ready to get involved and submerge themselves in FFA and leadership opportunities.


GLC is a great chance for students to make new friends, discover new opportunities,find new passions and talents. This conference is an amazing opportunity for freshman to begin a new path, make new discoveries in agriculture, and explore opportunities that FFA gives them.

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