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“‘Fresh’ New Leaders AND Spectacular Speakers”

Written by Freshmen Avery Noblitt and Sophia Silacci

This past Tuesday, November 28, the SLOHS FFA hosted the annual Creed public speaking competition. Many schools from all over the SLO section came to compete: including San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, Morro Bay, Coast Union, and Shandon High School, with a total of 37 contestants.

For weeks, the students had been preparing to present the Creed in front of a panel of three judges and numerous guests, along with answering three unknown questions on the spot. The FFA Creed, written by E.M. Tiffany, is a five-paragraph speech about the values of agriculture and the qualities it takes to be a successful, productive, and progressive agriculturist.

There were eleven students from SLOHS who competed in the competition. Out of those eleven, Liz Lua, Avery Noblitt, Carissa Carlberg, and Amanda Ardantz made it to the finals taking up four of the top eight competing for the win. Carissa Carlberg made SLOHS proud by coming in third place overall, and stunning Amanda Ardantz took first place out of all 37 participants. Along with the students who placed in the top five, Liz Lua, Avery Noblitt, Andrew Prater, Sophia Silacci, Geneva Franciskovich, Adonis Vigil, Lucia Landeros, and Erica Lopeman qualified to move onto the regional competition happening in the spring of 2018. Congratulations to all participants of this years Creed speaking competition, and the best of luck to those moving on!


    BIG, also known as Best Informed Greenhand, is a FFA written test for ninth grade students based on their knowledge of FFA history, officers, constitutions/bylaws, Code of Ethics, and more. Each school can pick a team of three but can enter up to five students. The top three scores will count towards the team total, with five students being eligible for each individual award. The objective for this competition is for the student to understand the purposes, aims, history, and structure of the Local, State, and National FFA organization. This also teaches them more about the opportunities and responsibilities FFA holds.

    The 2017 BIG Contest ended with handing out the top five individuals and the three high scoring teams. San Luis Obispos Avery Noblitt placing third, Liz Lua placing second, and first place High Individual went to Lucia Landeros. Winning the High scoring team, with the help of Andrew Prater, San Luis Obispo takes a clean sweep.

   This competition would not be possible without the help of the San Luis Obispo Sectional Officer team, the Judges, and San Luis Obispo High School FFA. This experience has given each competitor a better understanding of FFA and a new opening in this program.

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