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FFA: “It has changed my Perspective of Life…for the Better”

Written by: Lauren LaFaille  (Sophomore)

My Experience in FFA – Ever since I stepped foot in the ag department freshman year, a part of me knew that my journey there was far from over. Soon enough I joined a few teams in our chapter like Parliamentary Procedure, Creed, and BIG. That was just the beginning of the adventures and also the friendships. I continued to compete on these teams, eventually dropping Creed and BIG until the last thing I was involved in was Parliamentary Procedure. My team and I traveled all the way to nationals for this event, and although we didn’t win the national title, I knew thememories and experiences I made throughout my journey would stay with me until adulthood.


How FFA has changed me – Once my adventure came to a close I felt as though myself as a person had significantly changed. Not only did FFA show me that I can do much more than I think I can, but it inspired me to continue to try new things because there is no harm in broadening your horizons and making your life full of new experiences. Through my time in FFA I have also been inspired to be a leader in all aspects of my life. Now as I continue my life, I will go on knowing that the times and encounters I have made are now a part of me.

How FFA has changed my perspective

School, grades, and sports. Those were the only three things that consumed me and my life for the 14 years before my joining of our department. If FFA has done one thing to me, amongst many other things, “it has changed my perspective of my life for the better.” I of course still share the same amount of passion for school, grades, and sports but I no longer allow it to consume me. I have been able to step back and see that it’s not necessarily the letter grade that should be most important, but the experience you have had and what you have obtained that can help you in the future.

Our members gathered at Tuttle Orchards in Indiana after apple tasting and visiting a corn maze

Our members gathered at Tuttle Orchards in Indiana after apple tasting and visiting a corn maze

Final Thoughts – Spending time and being involved in our FFA chapter has not only given me amazing experiences but has also introduced me to hundreds of people reaching all across our nation. From these years I have gained life experiences and lessons that I will forever hold close to me and use in my everyday life.

Cover photo: FFA provides us with the unique opportunity to develop friendships with students from across the state and country. Not only do members attend leadership conferences together, but they compete at numerous competitions together. It is truly a gift to be able to foster relationships with peers that last long after the ribbon, title, or championship. #SanGaltObispo

Family Parli Pro Team Dinner Tradition before State Finals

Family Parli Pro Team Dinner Tradition before State Finals

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