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Divin’ in with Ms. Dale…Meet our New Student Teacher

Written by Freshman, Eden Lerner in Agricultural Communications class

Miss Emily Dale is the newest addition to the  San Luis Obispo High School Agricultural Education Department! She is so kind and always has a smile on her face no matter what. Here are some background facts about the newest member of our FFA family!

Miss Dale was born and raised in Fortuna California, in Humbolt county. She attended Fortuna high school. All throughout her time there she was a role model of her class, being totally involved in FFA and ASB class president all 4 years! In her Freshman year she was a Cheerleader for her school during all sports seasons! She also joined several career development event (CDE) teams for her local chapter including Creed and Best Informed Greenhand. During  her Sophomore year, she was involved in Impromptu, reporter of her chapter, and competed in parliamentary procedure. Junior year of high school she was FFA Chapter President and competed in many teams as well. Miss Dale was also senior regional officer community chair, and of course being the beauty queen she is, received the title of Dairy Princess. Each year she raised livestock for her SAE or Supervised Agricultural Experience project. Her favorite animals to raise were beef projects. As she moved on from her high school years she can confidently say that she left a mark on her community with her constant involvement with her school, chapter, and county.

IMG_2796 (3)

Ms. Dale attended Cal Poly University here in San Luis Obispo.  She studied Agricultural Science and earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2018. She is currently working towards receiving her Masters degree in Ag Education. Miss Dale was involved in her sorority Alpha Omicron Pi and was new member educator. She also was the President of the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental sciences. She was constantly helping her college and others learn more about our Ag and environmental sciences within our community. One of her favorite things to do is travel. She has traveled all over the world including Thailand, Spain, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, and all over the US.


Some of the things  Miss Dale is most excited for is her fourth period class Ag Bio to plan some creative ways for freshman to learn through labs. She is also excited for traveling teams and helping them compete out of town. As well as helping with teams and Ag Bio, she will be assisting with Mrs. Evans in floral. Another thing she is really looking forward to is Home visits, she will be going to as many homes as possible and talking to families about how their child is doing in their Ag classes.


Overall Miss Dale will be a wonderful and perfect match to our crazy and fun Ag program, through her over achieving accomplishments and dimpled smile, she is being welcomed with open arms into our San Luis Obispo High Ag Department!

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