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Digital Education Dedication: A Peek Inside our “Home” Ag Classes

Respectfully submitted by: Anna Bates and Jodi Evans

“Home is where the heart is”... As we reach the halfway point of week two of online learning, students and teachers are starting to get into a better routine with their daily coursework. This has been a huge adjustment for everyone, but we are so thankful that our school district immediately took action for our students. In an effort to keep parents, community, and others updated on what our students are doing, we will be posting blog updates to keep you in the loop. 

Farm Power team at the U.C. Davis contest. We miss you all so much.

This week in Ag Leadership and Ag Speech & Communications students are working on partnered leadership tip presentations. They are collaborating digitally to create a google presentation or a video that all members of the class will be watching and commenting on. They also worked on technology manners with professional emails sent to staff members and mailed hand written letters to others. We will be transitioning into some speaking activities next week. 

Agriculture Systems Management capstone class has been moving through our Forestry Unit. This week they have been reviewing common terminology, measuring trees at home, watching videos from Cal Poly Forestry professors and responding with questions that will be answered by college students via a Zoom session. They are also moving through their iCEV Certification online program on Ecology.

Allison Dierks measures the diameter of the tree do determine the age

Raquel Kalpakoff doing some tree identification “hugging”

Ag Chemistry is working towards the completion of a large inquiry based hot air balloon project or their thermal energy & systems unit. Students have been challenged to research and create a hot air balloon at home while documenting the steps by creating a video compilation or google slides presentation. They will be connecting key terminology such as the kinetic-molecular theory and barometric pressure. Projects and worksheets associated are all due Friday.

Small Animal / Pre-Vet class has been working full speed ahead on their knowledge of rabbits. Projects this week include daily warm up videos with questions, rabbit breed identification, and health of “lagomorphs.” They will be taking a large unit test this Friday. They had a guest speaker this past week, former National FFA Officer Jordan Stowe, who showed them her two dogs and discussed her SAE projects.

2019-2020 National FFA Officer, Jordan Stowe, is a guest speaker in our class.

Ag Bio is working through the Cell Cycle and Mitosis. They have been watching videos, completing worksheets and asking questions. Tomorrow we will have a Zoom Conference and play Kahoot as a review for a quiz they will be taking on Friday. In addition, ALL Students have been encouraged to complete an AMAZING SAE project. They are asked to submit their ideas via a Google Doc paragraph identifying what their plan is to complete the project.

Floral Design has been getting wonderful highlights from me via video on the finer points of Creating Hand-Tied Bouquets. They have been asked to create a hand-tied bouquet using materials from their house- no purchase necessary. They can use candy, tissue paper flowers, etc. They have also selected one of five project options as a means for reviewing The History of Floral Design. They had the opportunity to create PowerPoints, make arrangements, etc. as a way to review their selected Historical Period. 

Livestock projects are in full swing. Beef projects have been going for quite some time. We collected DNA samples and have submitted those to the California Mid-State Fair along with entry information. The heifers are now back from being bred and kids are working diligently to get them halter broke, so their animals are easier to handle. Sheep and swine group members are diligently taking care of their animals, making sure they are healthy and growing.

Amanda Ardantz and her pig at home

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