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AGventure is Out There

Written by: Brooke Jacobs, Chapter Reporter

Our 2018 Chapter Officer retreat was held on August 1st. The details of the trip were kept a secret from the team members, the only thing they received prior to the trip was a packing list. Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Evans chose to perfectly embody or chapter theme, “AGventure is Out There” with the retreat by taking the team on an adventure along the coast.

The trip began with breakfast in San Luis Obispo where the team discussed officer duties and how they would embody them throughout the year. This was also where each team member choose the name of someone else out of a hat. Their job for the trip was to try and learn more about the person who’s name they chose while keeping who’s name they picked a secret. After a team breakfast and discussing officer duties, we took a surprising stop at Goodwill for a fun activity. Each officer was given the challenge to choose to an outfit for under $10 for their secret person to wear to dinner that night. The theme: Confidence and Team Unity. We had a lot of laughs during this process. The unveiling of the outfits and the sharing of what we learned about one another was something we will not forget!


After the Goodwill challenge, the teams set off for beautiful San Simeon where we kayaked, did mixers and planned the year. The trip to San Simeon gave us a better understanding of the purpose of a chapter officer as well as pushed us to find out about themselves as leaders.


The trip finished off with a nice dinner at Dorn’s restaurant in Morro Bay with a surprise guest, Luke O’Leary, SLO FFA alumni and National FFA officer candidate. The team wore the outfits their secret person chose for them and learned to be confident even in ridiculous clothing. One of the main goals discussed was to incorporate the theme throughout all the chapter meetings this year. In addition, we truly want to make the committee chairs an integral role in our chapter’s biggest leadership events. This trip helped the team to work as a cohesive unit and better understand each other as leaders. The officers are ready and truly excited for the upcoming year.

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