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SLOFFA “Sparked Their Passion” at the Chapter Officer Leadership Conference

Written by: Brooke Jacobs

The annual Chapter Officer Leadership Conference was held on October 13th and 14th in Hollister, California. The South Coast Regional officer team hosted the conference and our team attended along with all other teams in our region.  Chapter officer team members include; Sophie Maino, Hannah Ryan, Riley O’Connor, Elena Grant, Bella Marden, Jade Norton, and Lili Steel. In addition, our group included Brooke Jacobs and alumni and State FFA President, Luke O’Leary. The conference allowed our team to bond and work together. Each officer also learned about the duties they will take on this year on our team. We are very proud of our very own regional officers, J’aime Radding and Lili Steel, for doing an outstanding job at this conference. In addition, our Chapter Treasurer, Jade Norton played the National Anthem on her bass clarinet. The San Luis Obispo officer team is excited and ready for their year of service.

The South Coast Region spans from Los Angeles to San Jose.

The South Coast Region spans from Los Angeles to San Jose.

At the conference, our team members were given the opportunity to attend workshops from the state and regional officers. Our team learned all about their positions and how they will fulfill the duties of their office position. The other 5 workshops the officers attended taught them perseverance, growth, courage, understanding, and consideration. The officer team will embody these 5 words in their year of service. Our team now has a great understanding of how to be successful leaders and they are ready to implement their understanding of leadership in our chapter. The team also competed in the annual lipsinc contest and this year channeled their “Lady Gaga.” The San Luis Obispo FFA Chapter was once again awarded “Chapter of the Year” for their overall accomplishments from last year. They brought home the perpetual silver bowl trophy that will stay with us all year. 

Chapter of the Year for San Luis Obispo Section.

Chapter of the Year for San Luis Obispo Section.

Throughout the conference, our team became closer than ever, during reflections each member was given the opportunity to tell their “FFA story”. This helped all of our team members get a better understanding of why each other got involved in the program and why they are each so passionate about the FFA organization. Our team connected who they are to who the agricultural industry has made them. Throughout their year of service, our team wants to stay true to their personal values and commit to being the leader that all chapter members need.

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